The following are two more deleted scenes from Boss. You can switch between them by clicking on the tabs. Beware, these may contain spoilers for those who have not read the novel or any of The Trinity Books.  

Carissa, Gia & Mel

Dreams, Fantasies, and Murder


“We look … hot,” Mel said, looking at their reflection.

Carissa looked at herself in the mirror in the hotel bathroom. She couldn’t help but agree. With their hair styled to meticulous perfection and cocktail dresses, they embodied the trophy date type. Mel had perfectly lined their lips. Carissa wore lipstick in the blush nude that was more her style. Mel wore deep red. “We do, especially you, your highness vampire queen.”

“Stop. You look gorgeous, like you did in Miami.” Mel retouched her eyeliner.

“Let’s just hope we don’t get shot at tonight,” Carissa couldn’t help but tease.

“I freaking hope not, but maybe you can meet another guy so you can stop dreaming about Alec McLean every night.”

Heat flooded Carissa’s face and she fanned it with her open palm. “Gia told you? Why would she do that?”

“Were you planning on keeping this from me forever?” Mel pouted like twelve-year-old-Mel used to do.

“No. I don’t know … It’s stupid and embarrassing. I think it’s because that night I felt normal for a few minutes and haven’t felt like that before or since. It’s not really about him. It’s about that night … “

Mel nodded, her eyes full of warmth before her gaze turned predatory. “Or maybe you just enjoyed kissing him. Maybe you felt attracted because it’s only normal. And maybe, just maybe, you just wanted to fuck him as much as he wanted to fuck you. Which again … normal. Nothing to be embarrassed about. We all have fantasies.”

Her mouth almost hit her chest and her heart rumbled in approval of Mel’s words. She took a deep breath and changed the conversation. “If it’s not that embarrassing, tell me what your fantasy is.”

Mel’s eyes widened for a second before they darted to the sink. Her lips pressed slightly together, hesitation wrapped in discomfort. It lasted a second before her shoulders rolled back and her chest puffed out. Lifting her chin, Mel looked into Carissa’s eyes through the mirror. “I’m looking for a man who doesn’t treat me like I’m a bodybuilder in a dress. Just once I want to be treated like, you know … ladylike.”

“Mel, you are not a bodybuilder in a dress. You’re gorgeous, sexy, strong, and can get dirty when it comes down to it. Of course, you can scare the hell out of people and break balls, but that’s all part of your charm.”

Mel laughed with her heart, a loud booming noise that was both startling and musical. “I love seeing you like this, more relaxed and willing to be out.”

Carissa knew what she meant. She was finally battling her way out of the dark fog. “I feel better. It’s weird, but I think I am ready to be out. Working helps, and I feel safe with you and Gia. Not to mention our cop friends we came with, so let’s get back to them.”

“Girl, James is going a little far with this convincing act. Did you see how he brushed my ass? I told him if he tries that again, cop or no cop, I’m going to knee his faux straight ass in the balls.” Mel flipped her hair and walked out.

Behind her, Carissa giggled despite the knowledge Mel would actually do what she said. “Thank God Charles doesn’t try that kind of stuff. He’s such a gentleman.”

Mel looked over her shoulder. “Next time around, we should switch and you get James.”

They spotted their dates talking to a tall, broad-shouldered man. Whatever they discussed, James’s gaze shifted to Carissa, and he shook his head slightly. James steered the man toward the other side of the room.

“Something’s not right.” Mel took Carissa’s arm and led her toward the drinks table.

Something weighed down in Carissa’s chest. “You saw that too? I have a bad feeling, Mel.”

She got a rum and Coke, which she downed in three gulps. By the time Charles, James’s patrol partner and friend, returned to their side, the liquor had managed to buffer her nerves.

“Who the hell was that?” Mel jumped as soon as Charles reached them. “And where’s James?”

Charles stared at Mel. “He’s with Officer Stone from a town called Eden Rose.” His cop eyes, narrowed and scrutinizing, homed in on Carissa. “He’s looking for a girl named Carissa. She’s his cousin, and he wants our help finding her because he suspects something happened to her.”

Carissa felt the skin tighten around her skull. “Charles…”

He shook his head. “Not now. Come on, James will meet us outside.”

“I can’t believe James and Charles know everything now,” Gia said, eyeing the drink in her hand. “I’m so mad I wasn’t here when this went down.”

“Don’t even say their names anymore. Those two assholes got all hypocritical, thinking we would let them get away with it. Thank God we were able to explain about Calum and convince them to help us.” Mel’s voice was a cross between slur and verbal stumble. We can’t be around things that may hurt us. Her tone and inflection was a perfect peg of James’s voice. “These two bacon bits commune with embezzlers, drugs, and ass dealers while pretending to enjoy all the tits Quentin can put in their faces.”

“Yeah,” Gia said. “Meanwhile Mel is busting her ass scouting for some young, built man-pieces for them.”

“Best job ever!” Mel raised her glass, making Carissa giggle.

Her bad luck from earlier had not only turned but it brought dividends, and the more she thought about it, the clearer it became. What happened tonight was a good thing. Something that could bring her further than she ever thought.

“Our friends don’t know it, but they’re going to help us,” Carissa swore, no longer laughing, basking in the buzz that only dark liquor can give you. “They’ve now become part of our plan for Calum. I mean, who can help us get away with murder better than cops?”