Boss-the full report

The following are deleted scenes from Boss. Beware, these may contain spoilers for those who have not read the novel or any of The Trinity Books.  

Alec & Leo

The Full Report


“I found something about Carissa Elliott,” Leo said, taking a seat across from Alec’s desk. With his perfectly trimmed hair, mustache, and goatee and his European-cut suits, Leo dressed to flatter his tall frame, brown skin, and muscular body. His crafted appearance caused many to make the one-time mistake of thinking Leo soft.

“Are you building suspense? Tell me what you found,” Alec said.

Leo leaned back and bared his teeth in a smile known to loosen even the most uptight pair of panties. “First, tell me about you and this chick. Noah told me she’s hot.”

Alec refused to be provoked. “Noah talks too damned much. He’s like a woman. The chick is Clyde Elliott’s daughter.”

“So? Every chick has a father. They wouldn’t be here if they didn’t.”

So logical and morally ambiguous, so Leo. Alec laughed. “Tell me what you found out.”

Leo handed him a folder. “In the pages, you’ll find a full report of your new obsession. Carissa just buried her mother a week before and was in Miami spending some time with two friends. The hotel room was in Whitford’s name, and he also paid for her airline tickets. She took an earlier flight home the night of the attempt. Had you not traveled by private jet, you would have seen her at the airport.”

“Who is the other friend? I know one of them is called Gia.”

Leo nodded. “Yeah, Noah’s girl. The third girl is their other childhood friend. Their respective names are Amelia Solis and Gianna Corey. Their names don’t show up on the airline list. Both girls left the town of Eden Rose, Maryland years ago and have never been back.”


Leo’s shoulders lifted along with his hand. “Take a guess. Here’s a hint: It has to do with your two favorite people in the world. Declan and Calum. There were rumors about Declan’s involvement with Gia and a scandal with Amelia Solis’s minor sister.”

Alec longed for the day where he could shove a knife through Calum’s neck. He would make sure the man’s turd of a brother watched. “How did they know Whitford fed information to us? I can’t seem to figure that one out.”

“I don’t know.” Leo’s eyes flashed with a familiar emotion. “But … both Whitford’s murder and the attempt on your life came on the same day.”


“I don’t like it. I should have been there.” Leo’s gaze sliced through him.

“Leo.” Alec was in no mood to talk about that, not tonight.

Leo pushed to his feet. “Why wasn’t Noah packing? We can’t have your brother there to protect you when his head is in the clouds over the first pair of legs and big tits he finds.”

Had anyone else said that, Alec would have fed him his gun. Leo wasn’t just anyone. Alec knew the words came from loyalty and concern. “You want to take care of that?”

Leo flashed, his big bad wolf smile. “Shit, I might as well. I got him his first piece of ass, and I taught him how to be a man. Seems fitting I be the one to teach him how to be made.”

“Ok. But I need you to find out where the two women are. We find them, we find Carissa Elliott.”


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