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Image for the Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival
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Join me and Fall In Love with Books

So what are you doing on September 23?

Why do I ask?

The Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival is happening that day at Riverfront Park in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The event is free and geared toward single readers and families as well. 

I’ll be there with copies of Boss and promoting book two of my Trinity Series, Made. You can come meet me and over 120 romance, fiction, non-fiction, children’s book authors, young adult novelists, and poets from around the country. 

There will be a musical performance, food and snacks, children’s activities, author reading and book signings, panel discussions, and four guest speakers.

If you register, your tickets qualify you for prizes offered in every raffles held throughout the day. So be sure to register! For more information visit the Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival.

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The person on the left makes the If one of the people was much bigger, though, the balance would be thrown off.seesaw rotate counterclockwise, and the person on the right makes it rotate clockwise by an equal amount. The force of each person acts in a different direction, and their sum is zero. Just as in the physical world, visual balance is a good thing. It’s desirable in and of itself.

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