Smiling little girl At least you didn't just poop your pants

The Moments That Live Forever … in the Embarrassing Vault of Memories

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I’m not coming out … ever

When something embarrassing happens to you, it feels like you’re the only person in the world. That only you would make that stupid mistake or leave that kind of foolish impression.

While on training today, the instructor discussed embarrassing moments and for a second, while he talked, I was treated to a memory slideshow of my greatest embarrassing hits. While I groaned in silence, I remembered the time I tripped over wires and left a party without music; and the time I walked out into a balcony and took the screen with me. of course, who could forget my first foray in heels in the sidewalks of Manhattan? #Winner.

I’m chuckling now but in those moments nothing seemed bigger than the fumble. And there are so many more. Some so minor I can’t remember. Other’s so big I want to bury my head under a pillow. None which matter today.

The instructor in the class reminded us that you can shrink after an embarrassing moment or tell the tale and laugh at yourself. Embarrassing moments are life’s little “Hold on girl, you’re moving too fast,” little incidents that remind us exactly how human we are. I was killing it in those heels!

But, in some instances, embarrassing moments are not even embarrassing.

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Embarrassing? At least you didn’t just poop your pants

At times, we perceive things as embarrassment when the rest of the world sees the opposite. It could be a feedback from an editor pointing what you can improve on or a well meaning friend telling you “Yeah, that dress does nothing for your shape.” It’s all a matter of perspective. In both these examples, we have people telling us something in our best interest. Stepping back and assessing the whole picture goes a long way.

So, before you go on WitSec, remember you survived those embarrassing moments and became stronger for it. Next time, you open your car door straight into your face—like me—take a deep breath and remind yourself that one day you’ll be laughing at it. You know … after the bleeding stops and the pain goes away.


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