I use makeup as an armor to shake me off my comfortable spot and make me focus on work.

Makeup Let’s Me Fake It So I can Breakthrough

This is not a makeup blog about a breakthrough using a lip kit or Smokey eyes. It’s about fighting the constant battle between the will and the body. We all have goals. We all want to achieve them. We all also have the urge to stay in our comfy spots. The old adage that you need to put in the work to get the results is one of the truest clichés in the world. Still, your bed/couch/papasan feels soooo good.

Last Wednesday’s snow day would’ve been the perfect time to sleep in and snuggle with my cat binging on Netflix, but I had been praying for a day off to write. My prayers had been answered. I couldn’t waste the chance.

I had to make sure my body and mind knew it was a work day. And I needed my makeup for that.

When I go into the office, I dress up, comb my hair, and put on my makeup. After all, I can’t stroll in an office building in my I Love Coffee and Kisses PJs and overused-old-broom hair. Makeup is an armor and warriors suit up for battle. And it’s a genuine battle. I’m fighting a mental poltergeist. So, I must bring out my chain mail and grab my sword. I need to let the enemy (my laziness) and the universe know I mean business. I also need more than lipgloss. My full armor includes:

  • My pretty face paint because if I look the part, I’ll feel it;
  • Motivational talk. Remember Braveheart? There’s always a big, inspirational speech before they head to the battlefield;
  •  Lo-fi Hip Hop keeps me pumped (without the words); and
  • My big pot of herbal tea.

Fake it till you make it may be another cliché, still holds true. And I used it for my breakthrough.


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