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I come to you with exciting news! Made, book two in The Trinity series is coming out on October 26! I am overjoyed to be able to share Gia and Noah’s story with you and to bring you more of The Trinity. Stay tune for more news about Made. I can’t wait to show you the cover. 

Made — The Trinity Book Two

No matter how hard she runs . . .

Gia Corey’s on a first-name-basis with danger. Nothing can protect her from the madman stalking her every move. Not her vital role in New York’s most powerful cartel, her money or her influence.  She can’t run from the cops coming to arrest her for the deaths of six people. She can’t hide from the past that thrusts her into the path of a madman, sets her up for murder, and threatens those she loves.

Noah McLean’s carefree lifestyle as a playboy has come to a swift and violent end. Betrayal is the bullet that forces him to take his place in the family business. Gia’s his anchor, holding him together, helping him accept the role he’s been burdened with. He fell in lust with her beauty and helplessly in love with her heart, but when danger slithers close, he risks everything to keep her safe. But she only trusts two people and Noah isn’t one of them.

The past is never far behind . . .

The monster will stop at nothing to have Gia. He’ll wage a dangerous battle where murder, extortion, and terror are his instruments to tear her way from Noah and her friends. To win the war, Gia must do the unthinkable — embrace her own inner darkness.

Will she slay the monster, once and for all, or will her past break her in the end?

Find out more on October 26 but Pre-Order Today

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Have you heard about Boss? No? Check out this little teaser. 



Photo of authors at Girls' Night Out event

From top left to right: Authors Laura Kaye, Emily Duvall, Stephanie Dray, Shiloh Walker, Toby Devens, Patricia Hopper, J. L. Lora, and Nora Robert.

Girls’ Night OutHosted by Turn the Page Bookstore on May 18— was unforgettable. You can read about it in my blog The Best Hangover of All Time. I tell you all about my wonderful night with authors Toby Devens, Stephanie Dray, Emily Duvall, Laura Kamoie/Laura Kaye, Patricia Hopper, Nora Roberts, and Shiloh Walker.

 In this entry, I’m also sharing about my new section Chats with Book Boyfriends.

April 14 & 15— I sat down with Just Romantic Suspense to talk. We’re talking about writing, demanding characters, and why Boss, is my walk-off home run. Come join the conversation and you’ll get the chance to win a free copy of Boss and a $5 gift Amazon card.

— You can also hear my chat with Kini Allen for her awesome Romance Romp Podcast. We talked about Boss, romance, our favorite heroes/heroines, my journey into publishing, and so much more! Go listen to it if you get a chance.  

Image for Westminster Library eventApril 24 — Fiction and Nonfiction Writing & Publishing Workshop – Carroll County Public Library, Westminster Branch

Join me along with local area authors Tracee Lydia Garner, Jill Archer, and Jamie Farrell for a workshop about writing and publishing. You will get to interact with us and ask us questions about our books, craft, and author journey. I hope you can make it!
The event starts at 2:00PM 
50 East main Street
Westminster, MD 
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