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03/24/2017 —  I recently sat down with Kini Allen for her awesome Romance Romp Podcast. We talk about Boss, romance, our favorite heroes/heroines and so much more! Go listen to it if you get a chance.  We talked about my journey to publishing. 

03/08/2017Writer Wednesday Interview — Chatted with the very sweet Margaret Locke for her wonderful blog. We talked Boss, writing, Romance novels and things even my friends didn’t know about me!

03/06/2017Interview with Nancy C. Weeks — Sat down with the amazing Nancy, who is also a Crimson Romance Sister, and talked writing, Boss, inspiration, and aspirations. Come check out my ideal place to write and learn more about Alec and Carissa!

01/18/2017 — From USA Today’s 

Klaus and Caroline at the Decades DanceMust-read fan fiction from ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ plus an interview with Klaroliner J.L. Lora