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Beat the Block: Kick Your Writing Tormentors Where It Hurts

Fingers typing on laptop for Beat your writing tormentors.

Kick the tormentors and write!

Writers are weird, quirky people with unique ways of thinking, writing and going about our writing. While some can’t find anything more exciting than a blank page, others are terrified of the zero-word count on Scrivener.  

Every time I start a new writing project, the same old doubts surface. Can I do this again? Will I be able to connect with new characters at an intimate level? While writing my second book, those questions became my tormentors. 

I couldn’t tap into my main characters, Gia and Noah. My personal life and feelings got in the way of a deep connection with them. It was painful physically and emotionally, as dramatic as that may sound. It’s awful to have a story in your head when you can’t it put into words.

We plot using the worst thing that can happen to our characters at the worst possible moment.

What happens when the worst thing, at the worst possible moment, happens to you, the writer?

Answer: a mountain of fear that came laden with anxiety. Am I a one book wonder? Deep down I knew that wasn’t true (I have other books written), but impotence is a good liar, but you don’t have to listen. Try these instead:

  1. Take a walk to ward off anxiety, boost endorphins, and help you think;
  2. Read a fun book or watch some TV;
  3. Meditate on your Sankalpa (heartfelt desire);
  4. Throw some words, ANY words, on the page. Write 10 times “I can do this” or “I can write this” or “I’ll kick this work-in-progress’ ass”; but
  5. If all that fails, take some time away from that manuscript, write something else, and get back to it. 

Never forget. It’s your story. You got this!

What are your writing tormentors? How do you deal with them?


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