Books about Secret Babies are J. L. Lora's guilty pleasure

Fascinating, Irresistible is the Allure of the Secret Baby

My absolute most guiltiest pleasure in the world is a well written book or movie with a secret baby plot. You could probably blame that on me growing up watching telenovelas. There are essential elements to all telenovelas: a secret baby, an evil twin, a despicable in-law, and the heroine will inherit a large fortune midway through the story.

But side swipe all others. 

I live for the moments when the hero realizes he’s fathered someone and has to get to know his little boy or girl.

My love of secret babies tickles my friends to no end because everyone knows I prefer my books with a Secret Baby stories are J. L. Lora's guilty pleasurelittle murder. I also prefer writing them with a lot of murder. Yet, there’s something absolutely irresistible about seeing hard-asses, playboys, and men’s men react to having a child. And yes, I am aware that not everyone in the world melts at discovering there’s a baby running around with their DNA. In real life, it often goes really wrong and ends in heartbreak. There’s enough of that in reality and I don’t want them in my mind escape.

That’s what makes secret baby romances so special for me.

The allure of the secret baby is that it gives me hope. I want to read about people who are willing to accept a child with love. That nature’s instinct to take care of what is yours kicks in. It’s a built-in second chance for baby and daddy and for daddy and mom. Because that man won’t miss his chance at happiness again. And aren’t we all suckers for second chances? Especially when they bring along an unexpected bundle of joy! It’s why the heroes in secret baby romances are ovary explosions. Because seriously, what’s hotter than a man a child? Only a sexy man with a puppy or kitten comes close.

What are your favorite secret romance books?


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