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Meet Miles Gardner

Miles, rebellious Billionaire from New England, is the star ofImage of Love Me Now by Cate Tayler  Cate Tayler’s novel, Love MeNow.  And we have him all to ourselves today!

JL: Miles, tell us a little bit about yourself

MG: If you ask some people, there isn’t much to tell. On the surface, I’m just your average playboy billionaire, a yes-man doing his parents’ bidding, never quite living up to his dead older brother’s ideal, drop-dead gorgeous and a rock star in bed. But the truth is more real and less glamorous. I’m a photographer, mostly landscapes and portraits. I run my gallery like a non-profit, using the proceeds to fund local art programs for underprivileged kids. I like Froot Loops, Cherry Coke, and cruising around my new hometown of Mystic Point, CT in my vintage A6 Frua Spyder, my girl at my side. But the rock star in bed thing… that’s 100% true.

JL: What do you like the most about yourself? The least?

MG: I think it’s easier to list all the things you don’t like about yourself: I can be smug and pretentious. I’m slow to warm up to people. Trust is a hard thing. Hell, it took me twenty-five years to finally realize my cousin Henry wasn’t the douche I thought he was. Now he’s like a brother to me. What do I like most about myself? How I am when I’m with Calista, my fiancee. She makes me a better man, a better human being.

JL: What are your views on sex?

MG: I used to think it was a means to an end. My end, particularly. I always made sure she was satisfied, even before I let myself get off, but it was more a point of pride than actually caring for the other person. I just wanted the release. But that was all just sex. Now I make love, to one woman, and it’s a damn religious experience.

JL: Have you ever been in love? If so, describe what happened.

Until I met Calista, I never thought I’d fall in love. I didn’t want to fall in love. That’s one of those inconvenient emotions that just didn’t fit with my lifestyle. But then this sassy, sexy Greek goddess dropped into my life and turned it all upside down. At first she didn’t like me, but I won her over. Then I broke her heart. And then she broke mine. I could write an entire book about the ordeal!

JL: What does your ideal woman look like?

MG: She’s short — excuse me, petite — very curvy. Long, curly raven-black hair, eyes dark and glittery, like chocolate diamonds. Breasts to make you weep and an ass so lush and firm… Mmm-mmm. But that’s nothing compared to what her heart looks like. It’s big and soft, and it beats a rhythm that keeps mine in tune. 

JL: What do you look for in a potential lover?

MG: Someone docile and submissive, who loves to cater to my every — Ouch, Calista! <rubs shin> Let me rephrase that… someone who’s my equal in every way – intellectually, emotionally, sexually. I didn’t realize until I met my amazing fiancée how much more satisfying the passion and the sex are with a woman I respect, admire, and can have intelligent conversation with. Ability to bring knees to forehead is a bonus.  

JL:  What is your favorite sport? Team?

MG: Any sport. I once watched professional tag on some obscure Euro sports channel. But I’m a die-hard, blue-blooded Bruins and Pats fan. Calista says it’s the only thing she’d change about me, but what does she know? She roots for the Jets. Ouch!

JL: Most important question yet: boxers, briefs, or nothing?

MG: My fiancée says that’s for her to know and you to never find out, or she’ll have my balls.

You can learn all about Miles and his love Calista by reading Love Me Now. Available on March 23. You can also visit:

About the Cate Tayler

 Author Cate Tayler's imageCate Tayler is a beach baby, born and raised on the Connecticut coastline. She met the love of her life while serving in the US Air Force, and after extensive overseas travel, they are now raising their four children in the wild suburbs of Maryland.

When she’s not living her own happily ever after, she’s creating them in her small-town romances. Because the world always needs more happy endings!

In addition to writing, her passions include cooking, everything 80s, sappy Hallmark movies, Arrow (specifically, Stephen Amell’s abs), and the Miami Dolphins. You can connect with her at her website:


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