Steel, Book three of The Trinity, is available for sale.

Steel is a Story of Loss, Vengeance, Family, and Love

Steel is the third book of the Trinity series, following Boss and MadeSteel, the story of Amelia & Leandro, released today dragging behind a convoluted history, repressed desires, and imminent danger. It all began on a drafty loft party.

On that day when all the odds seemed against Amelia Solis, she was  the opposite of what she projects to the world, vulnerable and unsure. Not that you would know it from looking at her. The safety of those she loved depended on her negotiating skills. Amelia has always been a good whatever-she-needs-to-be. She’s always been able to talk her way in or out of any situation. But since her gaze collided with Leandro Masseur’s the first time, nothing has been the same since.

Leandro is used to taking hits. That’s been his entire life. He rose from broken boy to lieutenant for the McLean family. Ruthless and methodical, he’s made a name for himself . With women, he was always love-them-and-leave-them Leo. He’s an unapologetic charmer who uses his smile like his Glock-nine—smooth, automatic, and lethal. When he laid eyes on Amelia, he reached for his strongest weapon.

Only to realize the lady was packing heat of her own. Her lips, her body, that sick attitude, the ready comebacks, all it compounded into the projectile that ripped into his flesh. She was dangerous, but she was also a challenge he couldn’t pass up. She also fought for those she loved like a lioness. She was stronger and more resilient than anyone he’s ever known. Fearless and astute, she managed to finagle promises out of him with only a look from her lagoon eyes.

So much stands in between them—her sister’s death, the murderous traitor, Amelia’s miscarriage. But love never just stands back. It never waits for permission. It asks if you’re ready.

Love will find its day
Love will have its say
Love will make its way


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