Grateful for my Team of Hidden Figures

Team is my word of the month. I recently sat down with Kini Allen for her Romance Romp Podcast. We talk about Boss, romance, our favorite heroes/heroines and so much more! Go listen to it if you get a chance.  We talked about my journey to publishing. It got me thinking a lot about the road, the obstacles, and the influencers to getting my book out. 

I’ve worked on Boss for over two years. Not only on the story itself but while taking classes and attending workshops, applying what I learned and trying to fine tune myImage that says: Behind every published book there's a Team of Hidden Figures that helped put it in the shelves writing. My craft is still a work in progress but light years ahead of where it used to be. 

Getting the story out of my head was the fun part. At first, the story was all mine and the characters belonged to only me … until in came the critiques, the beta reads, and consequently the rounds of edits. Once you share it, it ceases being just yours. Much like when you enter a relationship. Your life ceases being just yours when you choose to let people in it. That’s a scary as hell thought for some of us. 

Is it still my story if so other people had a hand in it? All these suggested changes but I know my characters best. Letting others in can bring a lot of questions, anxiety, and soul searching. And you now what? That’s not a bad thing!

You will get a different perspective and see things you didn’t, couldn’t before because you’re so close to the story and the characters.

Next thing you know, you’ve build a team, a tight-knit circle. People who get their hands dirty helping you make your book pretty, who believe in it and support it like you do. Your book has a built-in entourage/squad/back-up and it hasn’t been listed for sale yet. You can only get that if have the courage to put your fears, and ego, aside.

There’s always a risk in letting others, surrounding yourself with a great team, is a path to self-improvement.

My critique partners

Some of the awesome members of Team Boss. From left to right: Cate Tayler, Laralyn Gill, Audrey Couloumbis, Donetta Marie, and Shadow Leitner (insert).

It’s tough.  I know but, In order to grow you have to open up and take the critique, the advice, the um girl . . . You need to delete that. You may get your feelings hurt at times—you may not like what you hear—but the world out there is not going to hold your hand and help you make it better. But your team will.

Behind every published book, there’s a team of hidden figures that helped put it there. I’m grateful and forever indebted to Team Boss . My critique partners, my betas, and editors.  

Don’t forget to listen to my chat with on Romance Romp

Now, what about you? Do you have a team/tribe/squad/entourage? Who are they?



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