You Need to be Relentless like a Cat Looking for Affection

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know Trinity (Trin), my perfect yet relentless felineTrinity is relentless about getting what she wants and an expert at putting a stop when she's had enough. child. She’s appropriately named after the stubborn and determined heroines in my book series. 

This week while talking to a friend about her goals and the massive amount of advice she’s getting, my cat came up.

When it comes to advice, everyone’s an expert. It comes solicited, unsolicited, and sometimes there’s so much of it, you trip on it while walking.

What happens when you’ve had enough advice but it still keeps coming?

That got me thinking about Trin. When she wants to cuddle, a scratch, or affection from me, Trin hangs around. She rubs herself against my legs. She meows until I pay attention or presses against my side if I’m asleep. This kitty knows what she wants and she’s determined to get it.

And this is exactly how we should go after our goals:

  1. Pursue hard;
  2. Insist when ignored;
  3. Persist if told no;
  4. Don’t back off until you get that yes.

That’s what we need to use advice for. But there comes a point when the time for advice runs out. You need to get to work, using your instinct and God given talent.

Here, another life lesson from Trinity comes in handy. My cat takes the love. She turns and squirms until I pet her the way she wants. But once she’s got what she needs from me, she will turn her head and give me that warning look. It’s the one that says I’ve had enough. Back off or I’ll scratch the crap out of you.

It’s my cue to stop and something we can definitely use to tell people thanks, but I got it from here. Because you know, humans don’t know when to stop giving advice…sometimes.


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