Photo of authors at Girls' Night Out event

The Best Hangover of all Times

Necklace with the cover of Boss

Amazing gift from my friend Author Mary Behre!

Have you ever had a hangover without drinking a drop of alcohol? Like you’ve been swept of your feet and floated for the whole night? I woke up last Friday feeling like I had been to the ball, danced the night away with my prince, and drank two bottles of champagne.

And I did have a hangover because I did spend the night floating away. Except by dance I mean stood and signed. The ballroom was Turn the Page Book Store Café.

Photo of authors at Girls' Night Out event what I call The Best Hangover of all Times

From top left to right: Authors Laura Kaye, Emily Duvall, Stephanie Dray, Shiloh Walker, Toby Devens, Patricia Hopper, J. L. Lora, and Nora Robert.

My prince was a book. My book. Boss. I know what you’re thinking, Holy Cornball Batman! But it’s the only way I can describe this.

On May 18, I had my first book signing event. For over two months, I’ve been imagining that moment. It wasn’t just my first signing. It was Girls’ Night Out. At Turn the Page Book Store Café . With Established Authors Toby Devens, Emily Duvall, Shiloh Walker, Stephanie Dray, Laura Kaye, Patricia Hopper. And Nora Roberts. You know, the same author whose books provided me with endless hours of entertainment, got me through rough times, and made me sigh like only a good love story can make you. Yeah, that Nora Roberts!

I can’t describe—and trust me I’ve looked for the words— to describe what it was like to see my book in print for the first time. My heart quickened and my eyes welled a little. All night my eyes kept drifting to the cover and I know it may seem a little silly to some, but to see physical proof of three years in the making, wow. Just wow. Carissa looked as gorgeous in print as she does on eBook.

Photo of my author friends who came to support me at Girls's Night Out, what I call The Best Hangover of all Times

From top left to right: Authors Laralyn Doran, Shadow Leitner, J. L. Lora, Cate Tayler, Mona Schroff, Alexa Jacobs, and Stoni Alexander

I couldn’t dream of a better signing. I mingled with readers, got to know other authors, and got to talk about Boss all night. I was giddy and cheesing in the worst of ways. I am so grateful to Turn the Page Book Store Café and Nora Roberts for the opportunity. I am grateful to the readers who came, didn’t know me, but still took a chance and bought Boss. I am uber grateful to that wonderful lady who came and said “Oh there’s Boss. I heard someone who’s staying at the Inn go on and on about it and I want to buy it.” You made my millennium!

I couldn’t be prouder of the night. Especially because I got to share it with my mom, my friends, and some of the Hidden Figures behind #TeamBoss. I’m still feeling the hangover.

Image of Love Me Now by Cate TaylerI started a new feature in my newsletter. Every month, I’ll be introducing you to a Literary Bae for your reading pleasure. You can read all about our first guest Miles Gardner, the hero of Cate Tayler’s Love Me Now by going to Chats with Book Boyfriends.

Next month’s Bae, A laird from the highlands!

Coming soon

I’ll be posting deleted scenes from Boss to this website. Till then, Stay Fearless!

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